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From the desk of

Richard Quek, PJK, ACA, ATII

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking your time to read this message. You have my sincere admiration for wanting to succeed. I strongly believe that the reason you are reading my message is because you are serious about getting hold of the information and secrets that will change your Internet marketing career forever.

How much are these proven Internet marketing strategies worth to your business?

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It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make your online business work - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right information and strategies, you can now have it inside a new ebook.

Announcing for the first time


The Internet Money Machine

How to build your Super Digital Pipeline!


You can discover the Secrets that the Internet marketing gurus and heavy hitters are using. You will avoid the heartache and frustration that you are currently facing. After countless hours of surfing the Internet and investing thousands of dollars, I have finally discovered the simple secrets and strategies that will work like 'MAGIC'. These include simple 'tricks' and techniques that will literally blow your mind.  I am revealing it ALL in the 'The Internet Money Machine'. Nothing will be withheld...I am letting the 'cat out of the bag'.


I do not want you to go through the same mistakes I made. A wise man once said, 'A successful man is one who learns from his own mistakes, BUT a super successful man is a person who learns for the mistakes of others'.  Let me be your guide and coach. I will lead you through an exciting and rewarding career in Internet marketing.


The Internet Money Machine is a simple and easy to follow ebook that systematically spells out the Internet marketing strategies that you need to apply to achieve outstanding result. It is a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow to be in the top 5% of Internet marketers. Statistics reveal that 95% of people doing business on the Internet are not making money. You can be the 5% group who are making 'big' money, after learning and understanding the simple basic truth revealed in the Internet Money Machine.


This includes YOU...


Internet Newbies


 Above 55 years old and are not computer and Internet savvy


 Struggling to make a few sales




If you want to make Serious Money Online BUT haven't got a clue ????? This is THE BOOK  for you!

(We specialize in making complicated stuff simple!)

Don't buy another ebook on Internet Marketing unless it meets these 5 criteria:

1. It is simple to understand. Both newbies and seasoned Internet marketers can comprehend.

2. It is NOT loaded with 'fillers'. The information contained in this ebook is laser sharp. I could have included plenty of  'fillers' to make it 1,000 pages thick.

3. It is written by someone who is successful and doing the Internet business on a full time basis.

4. It is based on updated information, techniques and strategies.

5. It does NOT make false and unrealistic claims.

Regardless of your level of experience and involvement in marketing on the Internet, 'The Internet Money Machine' will provide you with an easy step-by-step approach on the techniques and strategies that will super charge your Internet marketing business.

For those who are newbies, the information will provide you with a simple blue print to follow. You will be introduced to various ways of generating passive income from the Internet and how to have a cyber presence. You will be provided with proven and successful strategies to attract massive traffic to your website.

For those who are experienced internet marketers, the information will served as a refresher course. There are new and updated techniques and strategies that you may find useful. You will love the simple and easy way the information is laid out in The Internet Money Machine. 

Here are some of the Internet marketing strategies and techniques that you will discover in the 'Internet Money Machine' – How to build your Super Digital Pipeline!

The various ways of making money on the Internet.

This will reveal to you the various ways available, so that you can make a wise decision to zero in on the one that suits you.


The mindset needed to succeed on the Internet.

What are the mindset and qualities needed to succeed in Internet marketing.


What are the best products to sell?

Not all products can be sold effectively on the Internet. You will discover that there are only two types of products that are in demand and gives you the best profit margin.


How to create a lasting impression in Cyberspace?

You will learn how to design a website that 'SELLS'.


How to put your Internet marketing business on auto-pilot?

The Internet allows you to automate most of your marketing efforts. You will find out how to automate your e-business  without having to hire a webmaster to do it for you.


How to accept credit card payments on your website?

You will learn how to accept credit card payments and other online payment options. You will be advised on which are the best source of third party providers.


How to generate massive traffic to your website?

Attracting 1,000,000 visitors to your website is as easy as getting 100 visitors provided you know the secrets and strategies.


How to get first page ranking in major search engines?

You will discover the ranking criteria needed to boost your search engine ranking.

My websites are listed on the FIRST page in YAHOO and GOOGLE. To see the

listings please  CLICK HERE


How to succeed with Affiliate programs?

You will find out how to start your own affiliate program and how to look for super affiliates.


How to earn 5 figure income even if you do not have your own product to market?

You will learn how to identify the best affiliate program to join. You will receive instructions on how to become a super affiliate.


How to create successful Joint Ventures?

You will find out how to source for potential joint venture partners. You will know how to create a win-win situation.


How to set up and manage your own newsletter?

You will discover why there are thousands of newsletters on the Internet. You will find out the benefits of becoming a newsletter owner and how to build your subscribers base in no time.


The secrets of Viral Marketing.

You will be introduced to a simple step-by-step instruction on how to set up your own viral marketing machine.


Testing and Tracking.

You will learn how to test and track your marketing campaigns so that you will only focus on those that provide you with the highest R.O.I.


Money making opportunities that will generate passive and residual income for your family.

You will be introduced to some money making opportunities that will be guaranteed to generate passive income for you and your family.


Internet marketing strategies that will sky rocket your Internet business.

You will be provided with a summary of the most effective Internet marketing strategies and techniques that the 'Big Boys' are not telling you!


What are the tools, resources and softwares needed to give you the cutting edge?

You will be introduced to many of the tools, resources and softwares that the Internet marketing gurus had been successfully using to build their “financial empire”.


Discover the Mindset and Psychology of your potential customers.

You will find out how your potential customers think, behave and act. Knowing this information will provide you with the 'knock-out punch'.


The Success Cycle and how it affects all of us.


Knowing how the success cycle works will ensure that we are always on the right track.


The Ultimate Success Formula.

You will discover that the successful Internet marketers are different because they have developed a pattern of excellence. Knowing this information will allow you to 'copy-cat' them to success!

Which of these Powerful Strategies could you use to Succeed in your Internet business?

Anybody who wants to make money on the internet would be NUTS if they didn't get hold of Quek's new ebook. Everything he's got in there is pure gold, no fluff! Even I learned a half dozen new things that I'm cashing in on right now! It takes you from zero to success in record time!

Steve Manning
Author of "How to write a book in 14 Days"

 "The Internet Money Machine is a great resource for Internet  marketers and those that want to be. Richard covers each vital area and reveals the resources and techniques you need to be successful online. Excellent!"

Shawn Casey
Author of "Mining Gold on the Internet"

"'The Internet Money Machine' literally contains a gold mine of information for anyone on the Internet who wants to earn an income, or make more money, online.

Richard Quek is the real deal - all the great principles of effective Internet marketing are laid out in an easy-to-follow fashion that's suitable for anyone. If you're confused about where to start or where to go next, this is an essential manual for online money-making that you need to both read, inwardly digest, and act upon."

Steve Shaw

"If you are looking to make money on the internet then Richard Quek can help you get there. His book is a comprehensive tome. Not only will it provide you with the information you need to succeed but with the actual links to the tools, programs and software that will speed your journey to success. Richard does a great job of combining the motivation you need to get started with the actual nuts and bolts to make it happen for you."

Bob Kish
Owner of Ezine Adventure,


These are some of the Internet marketing strategies that will be revealed to you in 'The Internet Money Machine'. This ebook contains 16 Chapters of valuable information that will literally blow your mind! It is simple, but effective and very, very practical. It will provide you with outstanding result within 30 days should you follow the steps and instructions provided. All the strategies and techniques had been tested by me and a host of other successful Internet marketers.


WHO needs 'The Internet Money Machine'?

1. Those who are considering whether to get involved with Internet marketing.

2. Those who are already involved with Internet marketing and are searching for ways to tweak and improve their Internet marketing effort.

3. Those who are seasoned Internet marketers. This ebook will serve as a refresher course for you. There may be new ideas that you may find useful. After all the changes taking place on the Internet is very drastic. What works well 6 months ago may no longer be applicable and effective today. However, you have my sincere respect and admiration for your success and achievement.

WHY is this book different from others?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of materials on Internet marketing available on the Internet. It is not an easy task to identify the ebook that will be simple and provide you with the intended result. In this matter, I also share the same views with you. I admit that there are plenty  of books that are freely available. The question here is to ask yourself what do you want the information to do for you? I am sure the bottom line is to reveal  the simple and effective strategies that will provide you with successful result within the shortest possible time. It is R-E-S-U-L-T that you want! Not all ebooks are created equal! 

The Internet Money Machine is different from all the other ebooks that you may have come across for the following reasons.

1. It is a very simple step-by-step guide on the Internet marketing strategies and techniques on how to SUCCEED. These strategies and techniques have been used by the successful Internet marketers to build their six and seven figure income on the Internet. These are secrets that will never be revealed for a few thousand dollars. This is the reason why these 'tricks' are seldom revealed to others. I have decided to let the 'Cat out of the Bag' because I want to see that ordinary people like you and me can also generate extraordinary income.

2. It is written in an informal fashion that you will enjoy reading. It is less than 200 pages in length and will not bore you with all the unnecessary information. I could have put all the information in over 1,000 pages to impress you. But the fact of the matter is that what is important is the specific principles and techniques involved that will give you the RESULT. The Internet Money Machine is laser sharp and packed with 'dynamite' points.

3. It is written by a person ( guess who?) who understands that Internet marketing is not an easy business to venture into. It takes time and commitment to be successful. I do not want to paint a rosy picture about Internet marketing because I know that it is not easy. That is why 95% of those involved are not making money on the Internet. However, the difference between success and failure is as thin as a razor’s edge. Armed with the information in this ebook you will have the cutting edge that the 95% do not have.


Who is Richard Quek?

He is a Chartered Accountant by profession having more than 20 years experience as a practicing accountant. He had been involved with the network marketing industry for more than 10 years. He had achieved success with an International network marketing company and had trained and motivated many network marketers to success.

He is the author of more than 10 best sellers, 'Cappuccino & Success', 'The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing', 'The Internet Money Machine', 'EXPOSED!', 'ZOOM To Super Success', and others....

He had been involved with the Internet marketing business for the last 8 years. He had spent countless hours and thousands of dollars marketing and researching on the Internet.  He is currently giving seminars and workshops on Internet marketing. His approach to Internet marketing is different from others because of his knowledge in psychology, network marketing and financial intelligence. He unselfishly shares his knowledge and experience in 'The Internet Money Machine'.

WARNING!!! Do not invest in this ebook if:

1. You judged the quality of a book by its thickness. This book is less than 200 pages.

2. You are not willing to follow the instructions in the book.

3. You are not prepared to put in the time and effort to build your dream.

4. You think that you can get the same information for free.

5. You think that you are an expert and have no desire to improve.

Richard Quek's book, The Internet Money Machine, is a practical, easy-to-follow no-hype guide for online marketing success. If you're serious about diversifying your marketing strategies, read this book!

Tracy Monteforte
Co-founder of WTPowers

So far, I've just read just a small excerpt from your new ebook, "The Internet Money Machine." I must say that I found more information and resources in the excerpt than I find in some entire ebooks! The attention to detail, lavish inclusion of linked resources, and clean professional format make "The Internet Money Machine" a volume from which any e-marketer can gain benefit.

Dan B. Cauthron - Webmaster
A Division of Serenity Marketing Group LLC

Just finished reading your information packed ebook. Wish I could have had it 7 years ago when I started online

Vern Anderson

The Internet Money Machine is definitely for you if:

1. You are hungry to have a share of the Internet 'gold rush'.

2. You find Internet marketing fascinating and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and implement the simple strategies in this book.

3. You want to save the time and money that is needed to search for the information on your own.

4. You are new to Internet marketing and would like to discover the potential of Internet marketing to assist you to make a wise decision. This book will definitely blow you away and leave you wondering why you have not been involved much earlier.

5. You desire to create passive and residual income for your family. You understand the importance of having a residual income and want to build a perpetual 'digital pipeline'. You realize that you have to change and you cannot continue to be a 'bucket carrier'.

6. You are sick and tired of working for a measly pay packet to make someone else’s dream come true. You want to take charge of your life to create and achieve your own dream.

7. You want to work at your own time and at the comfort of your own home.

8. You want to own an international business that is both global and seamless.

9. You have a burning desire to succeed and you are committed to becoming an 'Internet Millionaire'.

If you have the above goals, I would like to congratulate you and take you by the hand and show you how to achieve the results that are beyond your wildest dream. You can do it! I know that once you have the burning desire, there is nothing that can hold you back.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Now is the time for you to take the first bold step. Grab hold of a copy of 'The Internet Money Machine' NOW and you will have taken your first step to a successful and rewarding future.

There are two principles that I hold dearly.

Change happens in an instant! It is the decision to change that takes a long….long time.

The past does not equal the future. You may not have much success in the past, but today is a new day and you can make what you want out of it. Where do you want to be, and what do you want to have in 12 months time? The Internet Money Machine will make all the difference!

Now is the moment of truth! Do you sincerely want to change? If the answer is 'YES', get 'The Internet Money Machine' now before I decide to increase the price or to offer it only to those attending my seminars.

"You have put together a nice package for anyone who is a beginner and wants to get grounded in Internet marketing."

Yanik Silver

"If you've always wanted to start a web business but never got to get started, get this ebook. Richard Quek will tell you *all* you need to know about starting a profitable online business -- and provide you with the links and tools you'll need on the way.

Definitely grab this ebook if you're tired of wondering how to get started in the cyberspace!"

June Yeap

"I really enjoyed your book and think it's great! It summarizes wonderfully many of the Internet Marketing strategies and would save people a lot of time and energy looking elsewhere. I thoroughly recommend your book to both new and medium level Internet marketers, who wish to create an income online. Congratulations Quek, on another job, well done!
Thank you."

Ernie Rohrbacher MASC (NLP)

"Richard Quek's 'The Internet Money Machine' is the right book for these times. Truth is, the world would be a better place if he had written it five years ago. The book is loaded with wisdom and presented both clearly and very helpfully for the Internet neophyte. I recommend it!"

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Over 14 million in print; now in 39 languages


I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this - if you keep doing the same things over and over again - you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why I want to let you try out my proven marketing system - completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

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I currently charge a minimum of US$1500.00 per pax for the same information at my 3 days TIMM Super Seminar. So at bare bones minimum you're getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Internet marketing techniques and strategies at your disposal.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for 'The Internet Money Machine' ebook is ONLY US$47.00. This is a one time payment and there is no hidden cost involved. This is indeed a bargain considering that you are going to be in the 5% category of successful Internet marketers after reading and implementing the information in this ebook.

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it's really quite simple. I know the challenges that you faced on the Internet, trying to Succeed! I have walked that path before and I have no desire to see you take the same path as well. I want you to 'copycat' your way to success with the easy to follow information in this ebook.

There's another catch! To get this offer price, you have to be within the next 500 people to put in the orders.

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The Internet Money Machine will show you how to fill all the above five important needs. You can have the best information available on the Internet within the next 5 minutes.

I know that you are a man of wisdom and will make the right decision!

Thanks for your precious time and may I take this opportunity to wish you meaning in your life.


Richard Quek

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